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Revisiting Renfest

It's been far from a quiet month at Starship Suburbia, out here on the edge of the galaxy (reference anyone?!). We had nearly every single window in our house replaced (a long story), and then Dr_Co and I went off on a long sojourn. 
Before that happened, we hit up the Minnesota Renaissance Festival as a family, and had a ball. It was a HOT and HUMID day, so we decided to skip the dressing up part. That decision was not regretted. 
The MN Ren Fest is one of the oldest and largest Ren Fests in the United States, and so it's extremely popular. It's also currently on the site of a mining operation, some of which has taken part IN the parking lot, so traffic can get a little interesting at times. My brother and his wife had their wedding at the festival a few years back, and traffic was so bad that it took people hours to get there. They ended up having to delay the wedding by 45 minutes so that some of the guests had a chance of getting there. 
So, this is why my favorite st…

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