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It's still summer!

It's still summer! I'm not ready to give it up yet! It's been a rainy day around here, but I know that there's still sun to be had.
When I made these guys, it was still pretty cold out, but they feel at home outside.
I talked about the comedy of errors that occurred when I was making these guys when I showed off their sibling. I was so happy with the way the intertwined part of the inset turned out, but it felt like it needed a base. I even made and fired a base, but I really like the way it looks on its own. Maybe there's some clarity to be found in putting a finished piece outside, instead of when your head is deep in the cloud of agonizing that can happen in the studio.

Though, there's something to be said about incorporating indecision into the design of the piece. When I created the top for this base, I couldn't decide on the orientation of the points on top. Should they line up with the points of the base, or would it be better to have them line up w…

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