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Leavesden Studios, Part 6

Previously - Leavesden Studios, Part 5

After we were done with the Hogwarts Express, the tour path then passed by a snack area, including a place to buy Butterbeer. This was the point when I finally understood why the tour package we used had an option to also pre-pay for Butterbeer. At the point of booking I thought it was a bit odd to pay for it up front - wouldn't we have a chance to do so at the studios? The snack area was MOBBED. There were two lines to buy butterbeer - the very long one that was for people purchasing it there, and a very short one for people who had pre-purchased theirs.

Alas, we were worried that we wouldn't have enough time to get Butterbeer and be able to do the remainder of the tour in a reasonable fashion, so we moved on to the outside area.

Outside were some of the very large sets, such as Harry's Parents' house (post attack) and Privet drive (which we didn't go in due to time constraints).

The bridge from Hogwarts was also out there. N…

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